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About Oak Learning

Oak learning centre is a new counselling and educational centre opening up in Kelowna.


Talks about the various services provided.

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About PACE

PACE is a brain training program designed to address underlying cognitive challenges that prevent students from demonstrating their potential during learning and academic tasks. PACE is appropriate for all ages because “Learning is a lifelong endeavour”.

PACE is a powerful way to enhance an individual’s ability to learn. The brain is always adapting, and therefore, our ability to think, remember, and to learn is never static – it can always be improved. The brain’s ability to adapt and grow by reorganizing neural pathways and even creating new ones, is called “neuorplasticity”.

Cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, sensory processing and reasoning can be increased with proper training. PACE strengthens the learning skills of auditory and visual processing and memory. The power of PACE is in its ability to identify (through testing), target, and then strengthen individual cognitive skills. Individual training exercises result in faster and easier learning.

Take the first step now. An assessment through Oak Learning Centre will provide answers about how you can apply the power of brain training to improve your life or the life of your child.


Meet us

Lynne Brown M. ED - Director & PACE Professional

Lynne Brown M. ED - Director & PACE Professional

Lynne is a career educator having taught several different grade levels in both the Alberta and BC public school systems, as well as some college classes.

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Kelowna BC
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