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Brain Training
(P.A.C.E. -Processing and Cognitive Enhancement)

PACE is a brain training program designed to address underlying cognitive challenges that prevents individuals from demonstrating their full potential. PACE is appropriate for all ages because “Learning is a lifelong endeavour”.

PACE is a powerful way to enhance an individual’s ability to learn and perform. The brain is always adapting, and therefore, our ability to think, remember, and to learn is never static – it can always be improved. The brain’s ability to adapt and grow by reorganizing neural pathways and creating new ones, is called “neuroplasticity”.

Cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, sensory processing and reasoning can be increased with proper training. PACE strengthens the learning skills of auditory and visual processing and memory. The power of PACE is in its ability to identify (through testing), target, and then strengthen individual cognitive skills. Individual training exercises result in faster and easier learning.


Who can Benefit from Brain Training?

The Science behind Brain Training

Neuroplasticity is defined as the brain’s ability to change and modify neuron activity and connections in reaction to increased learning demand. Gray matter can shrink (with injury, environmental damage or aging) or thicken as neural connections are forged and refined with training. Brain training involved with PACE takes advantage of neuroplasticity by engaging individuals in exercises to promote rapid growth and the strengthening of neuronal connections.

Our brain’s ability to adapt and grow, or neuroplasticity, is the basis of the PACE brain training program.


How Does Brain Training Work?

Whenever you think, learn, or remember, groups of neurons in your brain work together to accomplish the task. If what you are trying to do is difficult or unfamiliar, nearby neurons are drawn into the process to help out. PACE activities exposes the individual to a customized series of intense mental workouts. To perform these workouts, the brain is forced to strengthen, reorganize and even create new neural pathways. In other words, PACE activities “rewire” the brain to perform more efficiently than before.

By examining the MRI scans of the working brain, scientists have observed that the brains of efficient learners are wired differently than those of poor learners. Intense training makes it possible to rewire the brain so that learning becomes faster and easier than ever before.


The results of Brain Training

How does this translate into real life changes?

  • With stronger cognitive skills and higher IQ, students learn faster and easier than ever before.
  • Individuals have measurably better memory skills and concentration.
  • Individuals perform better in the classroom, on the athletic field, behind the wheel of a car, and in the office.
  • Individuals report having greater confidence in many areas of their lives.
  • Students are more likely to attend college.
  • Individuals have a leg up in their careers.
  • Because there is a correlation between IQ and income, they are likely to make more money.

PACE is brain training that will result in easier learning whatever the subject matter. A teacher’s job is to deliver the curriculum, or content of the subject matter. PACE does not attempt to reteach the curriculum, instead it reorganizes the neural pathways resulting in a faster, smarter brain for life!

PACE rewires brains and changes lives.

Would you like to try PACE for yourself? Give us a call and we will be happy to arrange a free demonstration and walk you through several procedures so you can see firsthand what it is all about. PACE may be life changing for you or someone you love. Find out more today. Call us and let’s get the conversation started.