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Leanne Smith

Leanne Smith
Counsellor (Art Therapy)

Leanne is a Master’s level Registered Art Therapist who provides art media and techniques to explore and address a variety of personal issues including emotional, social, and behavioural concerns, as well as mental health issues. Leanne has been working with children, youth, and families in B.C. for over 25 years.

She began as an artist, and next as an educator in the BC public school system, before completing a Master’s degree in Art Therapy in the U.S. in order to fulfill her passion for art, psychology, and enhancing the lives of people of all ages. She has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting clients to achieve health and wellness through Art Therapy, a unique counselling modality that anyone can take part in and requires no art experience or ability.

Leanne believes in the importance of physical, emotional, and spiritual health and on-going growth and is involved in practising yoga, hiking and biking in nature, and connections with friends and family.