Dalyn Norgard Brain Trainer

Brain Trainer & Teacher of Positive Psychology

Dalyn Norgard is a Brain Trainer and Teacher of Positive Psychology who works mainly with children and youth focussing on mindset, positive habits and mindfulness to empower strong and happy kids from the inside out. She believes that providing children and youth with knowledge and “tools” to strengthen their emotional health, will lead them to more confident, motivated and resilient lives.

Dalyn has run workshops in preschools and elementary classrooms focussed on growth mindset, gratitude and self-talk in both the BC and Manitoba public school systems. She has also provided information sessions for teachers on growth mindset.

Dalyn holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from Okanagan University College in collaboration with the University of Victoria and has over 15 years of experience working with children and youth. Dalyn taught elementary school for 9 years in Winnipeg, MB. She has also been a Youth Worker in three provinces and has experience tutoring children in small groups and one on one.

In her personal time, Dalyn enjoys hiking, paddle boarding and spending time with her family enjoying all that the Okanagan Valley has to offer.